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We Create Opportunity

Your business is our business.  Potius provide practical, feasible and concrete solutions to the problems our clients experience.  We form an intimate  symbiotic relationship building an in-depth understanding of your brand, product and services, capitalising on our local knowledge, commercial, technical and operational expertise and networking relationships to provide a solid strategic, commercial and operational footprint to successfully navigate your growth objectives.

Market Expansion Services

Potius provide the essential services, infrastructure and network to establish your Asian presence.  Your journey starts with Market Research to qualify the opportunity, extending to a portfolio of Representative Office Services incorporating Management;  Sales (Direct & Indirect);  Marketing;  Strategy Development;  Identification & Management of a Reseller Network and much more.

Consultancy Practice

Potius provide Managerial, Operational, Strategic, Sales and Marketing Consultative Services to MNC’s and Start-Up providing leadership, strategic direction and enhanced go-to-market strategies.  Our team of Consultants have extensive senior management level operational and business development experience with some of the world’s largest MNC’s.


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Augmented Reality

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Dreemar is an internationally award-winning Augmented Reality solution transforming how Brand Owners deliver content.  With a Global client base, including several major brands, Dreemar AR provide an unmatched consumer engagement toolkit transforming a static 2D asset into a true multi-sensory, immersive and interactive experience incorporating 2D, 3D, animation and video, audio content.

With the world’s first embedded AR Analytics Engine, Brands have access to real-time, data-rich consumer interaction with each AR Campaign providing a true measure of ROI and strengthen knowledge for future Campaigns.

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SellOnLine is a unique hosted e-Commerce cost-effective solution for all small and medium size business operation.  With over 90% of e-commerce websites failing to meet Google online standards rendering those sites effectively  null and void, SellOnLine provide the complete solution inclusive of unlimited products, interactive, real-time pricing calculations, integrated payment gateways and critically Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to drive prospects to your site.  SellOnLine is possibly the lowest cost, true e-commerce solution available to small business owners.


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Potius provide analysis and consultancy services to raise your online presence through an SEO review and implementation services to make your website and digital landscape SEO compliant, resulting in a greater volume of site traffic and potential upside in online business.

SEO Tools

Workflow & Automation

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Reach new levels of print production efficiency with Imposition and Finishing Automation and Intelligence.   Ultimate Impostrip® and Ultimate Bindery® are innovative software solutions serving the needs of Commercial, Packaging, Wide-Format, Large Format, Label and Signage print operations.

With an extensive portfolio that meet any budget, size and type of print operation and an extensive list of 3rd party integration, Ultimate TechnoGraphics provide a future-proof solution to your automation needs.

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